New physics?

The Large Hadron Collider was predicted to do two important things: firstly, to find the Higgs boson, which it did; and secondly, to find some new physics, which it did not. Well, to be fair, it has not so far. It still might. But this seems fairly unlikely from the present perspective. So the question is, is there any new physics to find, or have we essentially already found all of it?

Of course, if you talk to physicists, they will be desperate to tell you there is a huge amount more to find. Which in one sense is undoubtedly true: physics is incredibly complicated and interesting, and the universe is full of weird and wonderful things. There is no possibility of running out of interesting things to discover any time soon.

But the question is about the fundamental building blocks of the universe: are there any more elementary particles, or any more forces of nature? Of course, this can never be ruled out completely, but the evidence is that we have looked so hard for so long, and we have not found anything unexpected in a very long time, that the reasonable conclusion is we have already found everything of significance.

Theory has not woken up to this fact. Theory is still in the mindset of trying something at random, predicting something, and asking experiment to test the prediction. This is an ante-diluvian attitude. The current situation is that experiment has discovered essentially everything there is to discover, and it is now the turn of the theorists to find a theory that  explains what has been found. Navel-gazing, and coming up with an abstract theory, and asking “does this one work?” is no longer a reasonable approach.

There are a few really iconic experiments that illustrate specific places where the theory must be wrong. But theorists are in denial. To me, as a mathematician, looking at the mathematical structure of the theory, there are two crucial places where the conflict between theory and experiment indicates there is obviously an error. One is the dark matter problem, and the other is the neutrino oscillation problem. Experts can and do construct patches to cover over these problems, but that is not the same as solving them.

My analysis, that you can read more about on this blog, is that the neutrino oscillation problem indicates an error in the foundations of quantum mechanics; and that the dark matter problem indicates an error in the foundations of general relativity. I can tell you what these errors are: all you have to do is read my blog with an open mind.

There is no new physics. Experimentally, we have discovered everything of significance. We just need a theory that describes what we actually see, instead of a fantasy universe that exists only in the minds of those who believe in it.

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